PRODUCT DESIGN, UI/UX Design, Branding​​​​​​​
Video player design
An enhanced version of YouTube's embedded video player, Luminery surfaces extra information and detail of products that appear in the video at the moment they appear in a way that does not detract from the video itself.
Products in the video appear beneath the video
If an item is of interest extra information can be accessed
Mobile versions in fullscreen and portrait mode
⇨ Luminery video example (How to make profiteroles opens a new tab)
Video tagging tool
To support the player I designed a tagging tool that allows publishers to attach products & information to moments in videos simply and intuitively.
I ran A/B testing to verify that a dark interface would make for a less appealing working environment. Over 80% of users chose the light interface.
I pushed for Luminery to display extra information as well as products making it useful to more viewers thereby mitigating the risk of the products being ignored as an advertising slot. ​​​​​
Mobile first wireframe for tagging tool
Early Dark UI for tagging tool eliminated via an A/B test.
Tagging tool. Add information to car videos.
Tagging tool. Tag a product in a video.
Publishers can access detailed analytics about their videos and any associated revenues earned when viewers have been referred and made purchases.
I wrote a full branding document containing design and tone of voice guidelines which helped steer conversations and an understanding of my suggested product name, Luminery. I designed a firefly logo and assets including motion graphics to complement the concept of shedding extra light on videos.
GT Channel site
Luminery's launch partner was GT Channel, a YouTube channel with a wealth of car videos. I wireframed and designed a new site to showcase GT Channel's videos that would be shown in Luminery player. Videos are enhanced with Luminery's tagging data which gives better quality related content than YouTube and a new revenue stream by referring customers with high purchasing potential.

GT Channel homepage. Designed to keep
Luminery video player. The exact exhaust pipe is linked as it is shown in the video.

Other projects