BBC Worldwide
VISUAL, MOTION, Interaction & UI/UX Design​​​​​​​
2008-2012 I was the sole designer on a range of BBC websites: Top Gear; Good Food; Gardeners' World, Radio Times, former environmental site BBC Green.
BBC Good Food
Various creatives I designed and illustrated in-house for BBC Good Food.
Healthy recipes app promo
New template for BBC Good Food newsletter
Promo used on the Apple App Store when Good Food was app of the week
A useful error page
A print advert in Good Food magazine
BBC Top Gear
As designer for I redesigned Top Gear and took photographs in the hangar where Top Gear is filmed and used the components to assemble the page with the rough-around-the-edges feel of the programme but kept it coherent with the cars section by using the same user interface elements.
Top Gear Car Chooser Flash promo
Top Gear video page
Cars page
Photo gallery
Models page postroll video clip to direct YouTube viewers to
BBC Green ad
I illustrated, storyboarded this flash advert for a BBC website surrounding environmental issues. 
BBC Green Europe by train Flash promo
BBC Proms website
For 2014 the Proms website was moved to a new BBC platform. I redesigned the website and devised a colour scheme to work with the new environment, keeping with the year's printed visuals and refreshed the site in 2015.
Peugeot emails
I redesigned 2 styles of Peugeot email for two customer groups.
Sandisk ad
I created this successful Christmas Sandisk advert and later reversioned it in French, German and Spanish.
German SanDisk USB drive Christmas ad
Virgin Atlantic email
I illustrated and storyboarded a video email around the concept of flying to Atlanta unfolding more destinations. I directed an animator to create the finished animation.
EE email
Responsive email design with animation on desktop. newsletters
In 2007 the award-winning newsletter had an impressive subscriber base of over 1.7 million. This is one of many I designed between 2005 and 2007.
I redesigned their lifestyle newsletter, Something for the weekend, giving it this strong template requiring little copy and making it relatively quick to update. Within the first month of the relaunch revenue from the newsletter more than tripled.
Themed weekly newsletter, 2007

Other projects