Visual, Interaction & UI/UX Design​​​​​​​
New category pages
 I updated the site with category pages and a sub navigation to aid content discovery. I introduced site-wide colour coding of content (features, listen, watch, reviews) to improve signposting around the site. Working with branding agency Studio Output I incorporated their brand refresh into the site with the 'Cutting through classical' line and diagonal device on all pages.
Listen category page
Watch category page
Features category page
Old features category page
Reviews category page
Clever features in the masthead
Keeping clutter to a minimum interacting with buttons in the masthead exposed features relevant at the time. These vastly improved the search experience and newsletter signup.
Top nav default view
The search field expands on click
Clicking the subscribe envelope opens a field to capture an email address
A menu of additional social channels opens
Boosting newsletter signup
I reworked the footer to boost subscriptions to the Sinfini newsletter and designed a new promo template incorporating the new branding in a way that would make it easy for the editorial team to update. I ran A/B tests that identified users quickly became blind to stale promos.
Newsletter subscribe button transforms into an email field
Users submit their email address from the footer
The signup form is pre-populated on the sign up page
Narrow newsletter sign up template
Wide newsletter sign up template, easy for editorial teams to update and keep eye-catching
Example versions of the sign up template
Features page
I made a new features page with a range of widgets that could be dropped into articles. This allowed the editorial team to improve their pages and make them feel less linear.
This final mockup shows all widgets and full explanatory notes.

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