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Metadata Manager
The tool allowed TV 2's tags to be searched, viewed, edited and created. Additional functionality handled merging duplicate tags intelligently. TV 2's services have bespoke navigation and so the tool allowed the categorisation and taxonomies to be linked together, e.g. Wrestling might be a subcategory of Sport on TV 2 Play, but on the main news site it would be sub-subcategory of Fighting under the Sport subcategory.
Please wait while the prototype loads. (Only areas that highlight in blue are clickable.)
With help from TV 2 staff I iterated from wireframes to establish a consistent method of handling different tag types, prioritising simplicity for the laborious process of merging tags.
Example visual mockups. I chose a more neutral palette than TV 2's standard one and made icons for each of the types of metadata.
Harmonising the multiple taxonomies 
With some heavy duty thinking we managed to create a single interface that would allow the different categorisation systems talk to one another. A visual solution that shows the relationship between systems - so as you move through one taxonomy your position within the others is shown at the same time. The hierarchies can be neatly rearranged and simply updated with new categories.

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